Blanche fuji Альбом: Elevator Supplier Share The Process Of

Elevator Supplier share the use of fire elevators: (1) After the personnel arrive at the fire elevator front room on the first floor, first use the hand axe or other hard object carried around to crush the glass piece protecting the fire elevator button, and then place the fire elevator button in the on position. Due to different manufacturers, the buttons have different appearances. Some have only one round red button. The red button can be pressed during operation. Some have two operation buttons, one is black and the above is marked with English. “OFF”, the other is red, marked with English “ON”. When the operation is pressed, the red button marked “ON” can be pressed to enter the fire state; the technical transformation office building is the former, and the B2 and B3 buildings are new. The latter is the latter. (2) After the elevator enters the fire state, if the elevator is running, it will automatically drop to the first floor station and automatically open the door. If the elevator has already stopped at the first floor, it will automatically open; (3) After the personnel enter the fire elevator car, press the “close the door” button until the elevator door is closed. After the elevator is started, you can let go. Otherwise, if the hand is released during the closing process, the door will automatically open and the elevator will not start. In some cases, pressing the close button is not enough. Press the button on the door at the same time as pressing the door button, and press the button on the floor you want to reach until the elevator starts. information about Elevator Supplier :