Making One Way Links To Your Website

Online websites know that inbound links are absolutely essential for the promotion of your website. Links feed search engines so when you have more, you become more popular. More quality links will cause you to move up in search results for keywords. Of course, when it comes to back links, some are better than others. One way links from Authority Sites that have good page strength are highly preferable. Inbound links pointing to your website are vital if you want to improve traffic to your website. Inbound links will improve your websites rankings for organic searche engines and provide another path for visitors to find your website. Getting links from high traffic, authority sites are weighted more than most links. The main objective in most SEO campaigns is building high quality, one way links to your website. One of the best and easiest ways to accumulate one way inbound links to your website is to list it in web directories. A few of the better ones are the Open Directory Project, Yahoo and the Authority Directory. The ODP is free to submit, but it could take a very long time to get reviewed. The percentage of those that get accepted there is not very high either. Yahoo’s directory takes about seven days for review and costs $299 per year. The fee at Yahoo is non-refundable and acceptance is not guaranteed there either. The charges a small annual fee and review is generally completed within 48 hours. Your site is not guaranteed to be accepted at the Authority Directory either, but in most cases they refund the fee if your site is not accepted. Exchanging links with other sites is a risky way of collecting links. If you accidentally exchange a link with a banned site, it can actually hurt your sites popularity or get your site banned. Google and many other search engines have made statements that they are devaluing reciprocal links. Building links is a never ending cycle. Links drop off and new ones need to be established if you want to continue to rank highly. It is important for you to realize that link building is an on-going process. If you want to rank highly in the search engines, you are going to need to steadily build links to your site. Link popularity will make the difference between your site appearing on the first page of search results or not at all. Inbound links can generate traffic to your site in two different ways. Traffic that comes from click through traffic and better organic results in search engines. Click through traffic comes from visitors to the site your link is located at just clicking directly on the link. This can become highly relevant traffic if the site your link is located at gets a large amount of traffic. Traffic increases due to organic search results can be huge. Inbound links help you achieve traffic through both click through traffic and organic search results. Directory listings are a great place to start with your link building campaign.