Top Ten Franchise Opportunities For $10,000

How much did you spend on your last car? $15,000? $20,000? Maybe even $30,000? Did you know that you can start your own franchise business for just a fraction of this cost? That’s right. While franchises have the reputation of carrying a high price tag – some as high as several hundred thousand dollars – many franchise opportunities are available to entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses without spending a fortune. If this describes you, then read on, and discover ten franchise businesses that can be yours for only $10,000. POSIGRIP This turnkey franchise specializes in safety and injury prevention by providing floor and shower treatments that help prevent slips and falls. Businesses, in particular, present a growing market for slip-prevention technology as the costs of injury lawsuits and liability insurance are on the rise. As the owner of a PosiGrip franchise, you can help protect people from injury while servicing the safety needs of small companies and large corporations. The start-up investment for a PosiGrip franchise is just $8,000-$10,000, and training and support are provided. THE DRUG TEST CONSULTANT Maybe your dream is not only to own your own business but also to make a difference in society. It’s an sad fact that drug use is a serious problem today, but did you know that you can have a positive impact in this arena through joining this exciting franchise opportunity? The Drug Test Consultant (DTC) helps companies and parents know if a drug problem exists, and, if one is found to exist, DTC provides vital help and support in addressing the problem. Services offered by DTC include drug detection assessments, home and workplace drug testing, instant drug test supply distribution, and background checks. And the investment for this unique opportunity to make a difference is just $7,995-$9,995. VENDSTAR You’ll find them in schools, colleges, airports, train stations, office building, and malls. In fact, nearly every public building has one. What is it? A vending machine. And for each vending machine you see, there is someone earning a profit based on every sale. For a minimum investment of $9,995, you can become that someone. Vendstar machines offer candy, gum, and nuts to consumers whose demand has proven to be steady regardless of the economy. As a Vendstar franchise owner, you benefit from a business that works even when you are sleeping, spending time with your family, or even on the golf course. If you want a low-cost franchise, be sure to check out this sweet opportunity. TINI TOYS, INC. For the kid in all of us, Tini Toys is a franchise opportunity that allows you to be around toys all the time, day in and day out! As a Tini Toys distributor, you service toy displays in retail locations on a monthly basis. For every toy sold, you get paid. And displays aren’t limited to toy stores.
With a capital investment of just $10,000, this opportunity’s products and price tag will bring out the kid in everyone. SEAMASTER CRUISES A cruise itself may cost upwards of $5,000, but imagine owning your own cruising franchise for a total capital investment of only $9,500. With SeaMaster Cruises, you can make this happen. SeaMaster Cruises is a home-based cruise distribution system that allows you to tap into a growing and profitable industry. SeaMaster Cruises offers training and support as well as marketing assistance, all for an investment of under $10,000. ROTOBRUSH® With the growing public focus on health and wellness over the past several years, individuals have become more and more aware of the quality of air that they breath. Rotobrush International, LLC meets this growing demand for clean air by providing professional air duct cleaning services. By completing as few as one to three jobs per week, you can earn anywhere from $25,000 to $75,000 per year. And your start-up investment is only $10,000. Although not officially a franchise, Rotobrush nevertheless offers the same support and training at little or no cost to you. To capitalize on this exciting business opportunity, simply click the link above and submit the information request form. IPSMARX TECHNOLOGY, INC. Telecommunications is a multi-billion dollar industry, and now with a minimum investment of just $8,000, you can capitalize on the profits of this booming market. IPsmarx is a voice over IP (VoIP) provider franchise that allows you to earn an income while offering comprehensive VoIP services. And to help you succeed, IPsmarx offers training and support as well as marketing materials to assist you in growing your business. BRAZILIAN SPRINGS What better way to succeed in business than to provide a product hat everyone in the world needs: water! As a Brazilian Springs distributor, you have the benefit of training, support, and help with business plan development. In addition, financial assistance is available to help you get your business off the ground. And if this is not enough to convince you to check out this franchise opportunity, consider this: Brazilian Springs donates 10% of total gross sales to assist the preservation of endangered rain forests in Brazil, the source of this purest of waters. You can earn a living and help protect the environment by becoming a part of the Brazilian Springs franchise team. THE BACK RUBBER Have you ever just needed a back massage? If you’ve ever experienced this feeling, then you will appreciate the relief that you can bring to people by buying a Back Rubber franchise. With a total capital investment of just $7,495, you can become a distributor of relaxing Back Rubber massage chairs. The market for these chairs is vast, from beauty salons and country clubs to malls and airports. And as an added bonus, if you prefer not to do any face-to-face selling, you can opt to have a locator place your massage chairs for you. This franchise is a winner for budding entrepreneurs looking for a great opportunity at a low cost. CADDY CARD If you would like to trade business for leisure, then why not make leisure your business? Caddy Card is the must-have golf course guide book that is small enough to fit into your pocket but that still includes a scorecard and training aid. Caddy Card franchise owners earn an income by placing Caddy Cards in golf courses and by selling advertising space for the Caddy Cards. Design and production are handled by the parent company, allowing franchisees to focus their efforts on the activities that bring in revenue. The total capital investment is just $11,800. So are you ready to hit the green? Both in golf and in profits? Check out Caddy Card today. As you can see, franchise opportunities are not just for the rich. And with an investment of as little as $10,000, you, too, can be on your way to becoming a successful franchise owner.