Seasons Of The Internet

The internet has a seasonal schedule when it comes to promotional activity, buying and selling, and advertising. The summers are always slow and activity always greatly increases in the Fall. There does seem to be a slow down during the holidays after Christmas and New Year’s time. Shortly after that the activity of buying, selling a and advertising resumes non-stop until school is out in the Spring. I am thinking that much of the seasonal change is due to other activities in which folks are involved during the summer. Things like vacations, summer sports for kids, and other demands take people outside and away from their computers. Fall and cooler weather which ushers in the start of school always seems to bring them back inside and on line. How does this affect you and your work on line? What can you do to benefit from these seasonal activity changes? Here are 9 suggestions: – Tweak your website to insure it is ready for new business. Give it a facelift; new content; a fresh look. – Read and Learn some new information that will help you in your work on the internet this Fall. – Develop an army of allies on the internet on which you can rely when you have a problem or need some help with your promotional efforts. – Clean up your computer and all of those icons on your desktop and your hard drive that are going un-used and just clutter things up. – Build your mailing list and improve your method of delivering your messages to make sure they are not getting filtered out before they reach subscribers. – Write a group of articles that are ready for use in your newsletter and distribution through a service like – Examine closely your approach to working on the internet. What can you do to improve how you are doing things on line? Do you need a new approach? – Update and add to your autoresponders and make sure they are ready to go this Fall. – Clean and arrange your personal work space at home to increase your productivity and efficiency. (Honey, I need a new computer desk.) (This article may be reprinted or published or your website by keeping the resource box below intact)