To Bid Or Not To Bid

A person’s trash is another person’s treasure. That simple line could be the reason why auctions exist today. But what are even better are online auctions. There you will find lots of different items worthy of second looks. Plus, you can win them with just a click. Seems so easy, right? But get this, like your ordinary auctions there could be a lot of different schemes, scams and modus operandi out there waiting to trick you. Once you experience being cheated, you could forever hold grudge to all online sellers, good or bad. Now we wouldn’t want that happening, don’t we? So in order to avoid being a victim of online frauds, take time to consider these things before bidding. 1. Before going into a totally unfamiliar place, we’d check it out first, right? We’d do research. Ask around if you have friends who love to bid online. Or better yet, check the auction site for customers’ feedbacks. This is a great help especially if you are so sure of the item, except the seller. You could also check if you could “bid on approval” on the auction site. This means they will send you the item before you place your bid. 2. If you’ve finally found the most coveted thing, check the pictures and descriptions, whatever it is. 3. If you will be purchasing clothing, think of the wash and if it will just hang around your closet more than spending time outside in the daylight. Just really think about it because in auctions it may seem like you get an item at your price. For that to happen you will be bidding and the highest bidder will win. The more the bidders, the price could get higher. In this case, the sky is then the limit. Get it? 4. When you have decided that there is nothing more important in the world than that thing you want to bid on, well, you could just buy it right away (with buy now option), but at a much higher cost, of course. But you could wait and give it some more time. Try checking out stores around you. You might have missed seeing that item in the store brand-new. If you could have it brand new at a cheaper price, why bother bidding for it? If you still want to bid for the sake of bidding, then you suffer the consequences of paying the price for shipment that is if the seller is not in your area. 5. Having a good transaction is very vital. So make sure that you communicate with the seller the whole time during the transaction period. He could be cheating you, for all you know.