Making Your Paid To Post Blogs Monsters Of Monetization

There’s a term now applied to blogs which are actually making an income for their owners: They’ve been “monetized.” Sounds a bit like sanitized, but it’s closer in spirit to “commercialized” and what it really means is that someone is actually paying to have links to their businesses posted on those blogs, or in some cases paying to have reviews of their products and services posted there. That’s right, you can actually get paid for placing someone’s link on your blog or for giving your opinion about whatever they are selling. It sounds simple, but there is one caveats involved, especially concerning the paid links. Once you have figured out how to get around it, you’ll be ready to monetize. > Google Isn’t Happy About Some Kinds Of Paid Links Google isn’t happy about a lot of things, but they seem to have taken a more unfavorable stance than usual about paid links. The reason makes sense: people with enough money can simply buy enough links to guarantee them a good Google ranking, and then they will make even more money. And Google’s reputation for sorting out the best-viewed websites from the rest, based partly on the number of links which connects to those sites, will be compromised. So if you want to delver further into setting up some paid to post blogs in which you are being paid to post somebody’s links, there’s a Google solution: simply make sure that the links you are being paid to post have rel=”nofollow” attribute to the href tag. The Google SE will then know not to assign the same weight to these links and they will not help the advertiser’s SEO rankings in any significant way. Google claims it can tell the difference between links you are paid to post on you blog and links put there to garner higher Google rankings. Whether that is true or not, you don’t follow Google’s suggestions with you paid to post blog links, there is a chance that Google can boot your blogs from their SEO index as well as your paying customers. So why not sidestep the issue completely by making sure your advertisers add recommended coding to your paid links? > Finding Paid Advertisers For Your Paid To Post Blogs Instead of trying to sell your blog to the hundreds of advertisers who might find it a good place to promote their products, you can take advantage of the many sites whose services bring advertisers and bloggers together., contextuallinks, and will all invite you to submit your paid to post blogs to them, and if they accept you, will contact their advertising clients with services and products which might be a good fit for your blog topics and readership. You don’t have to find the advertisers, and they don’t have to find you. You can just get down to the business of monetizing with them. > Maximizing Your Monetizing But if you want to maximize your monetizing, you’ll need to learn how to find the best offers for the space you are selling on your paid to post blogs. Another website,, will give you the help you need in that respect, and you’ll be on your way to turning your paid to post blogs into monetization monsters!