Making The Most Out Of Your Article Marketing Campaign To Build Your Link Popularity

If you’ve been dabbling in internet marketing for a good period of time now, then you know how important article marketing can be for your online campaigns. Article marketing can provide you with a lot of back links that could help build your link popularity so that you may secure a good position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, since you will be submitting your articles to article directories, it would critical to know that some of these directories have high page ranks. Having your link appear in the pages of websites with high PR would only contribute a substantial boost to your own website’s page rank. It is critical, therefore, to learn about the subtleties involved with article marketing so that you will be able to optimize your usage of this technique. Now, you have most probably read about article marketing before, in numerous resources at that. This article isn’t about an introduction to article marketing. This article assumes that you already know the basics. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on the things that people do not know about the aforementioned strategy, as well as some tips to help you out when it comes to making the most out of this tactic. Let’s proceed. •Though it is tempting to submit two or more articles to the article directories in the World Wide Web, it is strongly recommended that you try to avoid doing the same in rapid succession. The search engines, and Google in particular, are quite sensitive about abnormal increases in a website’s link popularity. By submitting many articles at the same time, you could potentially gain 3,000 or so back links for your website. In theory, this is excellent. But since this will be accomplished quite fast, the search engines might categorize it as an abnormal increase, and they may momentarily de-index your website pending further study into the matter. You wouldn’t want this to happen. So you better play it safe. Try to submit articles every two weeks or so to avoid this danger. •It isn’t wise to submit an article that is already included in your own website. As a policy against dupe content, search engines would consider the higher ranking website as the originator of the article. Hence, your website, having a lower rank, might be designated as harboring duplicate content. This will not bid well for your page rank. •Whenever you’re writing articles, remember that most article directories would allow you to use hyperlinks. The trick is in hyper linking your website to what we call as anchor texts. These anchor texts should pertain to the keywords you are targeting. Doing this would give a significant boost to your chances of getting a better position in the SERPs. For example, if the keyword you’re targeting is “mesothelioma,” make sure that you will hyperlink your website to every mention of the term in your article. •Do not submit PLR articles as they are. Though PLR articles are great options for affordable content, they are not really meant for article marketing purposes. Duplicate articles submitted to the directories would just be rejected, or worse, can lead to the banning of your account. Instead, try to use the PLR articles as bases for the articles you will write for these directories. The information is already in these PLR articles, after all, hence you won’t need to spend time doing some necessary research. Write one, original article from the ground up, using your PLR articles as the foundation, and submit the same to the directories. •Remember, people will be reading your articles. These are highly targeted folks. They will read your article because they are looking for information relevant to the subject of your work. If you could provide this information clearly, succinctly, and efficiently, they’ll regard you as an expert on the matter and they will grow to trust whatever you will put out. Hence, it is important to submit the best quality article you could come up with, as your online business’ credibility is on the line. NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this article within your website or newsletter as long as you leave the article fully intact and include the “About The Author” resource box. Thanks! :-