Self-employment Is About Freedom

To be able to attend meetings in your bathrobe and slippers. To get up every morning when you want and snuggle up to your kitten while you work. Sound like the perfect job? And if you want to take a day off there is no need to call the boss. Because you’re the boss. In fact, you are also the accountant, marketing guru, finance administrator, sales force, customer relations staff and the management team. Still sound like a dream job, and if so, why isn’t everyone working from home? Starting a home-based business can offer an exceptional lifestyle and be very self-fulfilling. It allows people to take control of their daily lives and their futures. According to Crystal Dallner, founder of Outright Communications, “many individuals miss the regular pay cheque, the interaction with co-workers and the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other employees.” While benefits of working from home include flexibility, time with family, tax write offs and the ability to design your own business, it can offer challenges. A steady flow of income, clients and branding may take some time to establish. By staying at a full time corporate job for six months, a reserve of income can be accumulated to live off before the business takes off and business building can be done in the evenings and on weekends. If it is possible, live off one spouse’s income so more time can be spent to build the new business. Getting by on less income for a short time can be accomplished by using cost-cutting measures such as decreasing the amount of eating outside the home and consolidating all debts. A third of small businesses fail within the first year and an estimated 80% of businesses fail within three to five years. As this may be a frightening statistic, there are many home-based success stories. The difference between success and failure in business is in careful planning, researching and management. With a good product or service in place, a business plan and some clever marketing, anyone can make a living by working from home. With no more daily commute or pressures of the nine-to-five routine, you can enjoy a healthier and productive lifestyle, more free time and the capability of raising your own children. As there is minimal start up costs associated with opening a small business, it can offer a rewarding career. Say goodbye to corporate life and say hello to the comfort of working from home. © Crystal Dallner 2007. All rights reserved; used by permission