Think Twice

In everything, there are always advantages and disadvantages. Before you buy, think of the pros and cons first. 1. Dependence Cell phones, as we know, are packed with many features. It is like everything in one. Because of this, we tend to be attached and dependent on it. Like, instead of going to class, you just let your classmate text you the lessons taught. Or, you would call them and record the discussion of the teacher and just go to class to take and top the exams. If you are the teacher, wouldn’t you wonder why your student got such a score when he or she doesn’t even show up for class? Another scenario would be with your work. In times when you have a presentation to show, you will just video yourself discussing and send it to your co-worker via the internet access. So, they will be playing your presentation and you will be at home relaxing and watching television.
Hence, if you are the manager, are you going to give a professional salary to someone you don’t even see at work? 2. Financial Crisis Yes, mobile phones are really attractive, useful and etcetera. But, have you not considered the amount of money you are going to waste for the tiny thing? First, when you really want to have all the great and wonderful features and some software applications like word processors to your phone, you have to buy the latest and most updated mobile gadget in that given time. Plus, you have to buy all those installers for your wanted applications. Second, you need to buy a sim card to get you into motion for texting, sending e-mails, calling, video streaming, and web browsing. Then, you also have to buy loading cards to cash up your ability to send messages, enjoy internet access, and call friends and clients. 3. Repairs Cell phones are machine-made. So naturally, they do not have a long life span like of humans because obviously these are gadgets. They are not as durable as we think they are. Whenever you drop them, get wet by your sweaty hands, or you accidentally sit or step on them, you have to say goodbye to your hundred bucks. Mobile phones require very high maintenance. It has to be updated always and has to be cleaned because of the virus that can infect your phone. 4. Distraction Mobile phones are a huge distraction to your studies that is if you are a student. You will be so attached to it and you won’t be studying because you are too busy replying to the messages you receive. Or, when it comes to work, you won’t be attending to your work that much because of the cellphone.