Working Mums – Juggling Business And The Children

Women in business numbers are rising rapidly. Being your own boss and working from home is a popular option for women who want to fit work around their children. Around half a million women in the UK choose to run their business from home. So what kind of businesses do women choose to start? Many women choose to run an online business as it gives them the flexibility to work from home. Others go down the path of becoming an Avon distributor, or hosting parties for other women supplying female products. Some choose to focus on products for mums and children whilst others open retail outlets ranging from florists to beauty salons. So how do you juggle work and being a mum at the same time? A possible solution is to get some help with the children by paying a child minder for a few hours a day. Many schools now offer out of hour’s school clubs which are great fun for extrovert children who enjoy interacting with their school friends. Taking turns with other mums who are also working is another possible solution. Online grocery shopping can help to reduce the work load for busy mums. Although there is a small delivery charge this is nothing compared to the time spent trekking down to the supermarkets with demanding children. Doing the bulk of the weekly shopping in the comfort of your own home on the internet saves time and means that trips to the shops are few and far between and for emergency items only. By having a separate office from other rooms in the house, means that it is easier to separate work and family time more easily. Having a lock on the door helps to keep children away from important files and your computer! A separate line for business calls only also help a lot and means that the phone is always free for incoming and outgoing calls. Dealing with guilt is another problem that busy mums face. Surely they should be dropping and collecting the children? How do they overcome the nagging thought in the back of their heads saying that you should be spending more time with the children? One way to do this is allocate some special time for quality interaction on a one to one basis. Women are allowed to be more than just a mum and children are also very adaptable to new routines as long as they are managed correctly and there is some consistency to their daily lives. There are many websites that have been set up primarily to deal with issues that many women in business face. They provide a lot more then just business hints and tips. They also offer guidance on a wide range of issues that are not business related and some even have forums where busy mums can chat to like minded people during their break. Some days everything can go wrong! The childminder is ill, washing is undone, customers are angry and your latest supplier has just let you down. How women cope with all these demands is beyond me but many continue to do so.