Learning About Body Jewelry

There are many body jewelry stores that have interesting pieces of jewelry that are very ornate and pretty but they are also oddly shaped. Some people might be hesitant about wearing such strange looking jewelry pieces in various parts of their body until they learn that the odd shapes are related to the specific parts of the body where they will be worn. The most common areas of the body to be pierced are the belly button, either side of the nose and various cartilages found in the ears. Body jewelry is fun to wear because it is so unique and there are so many color gemstones that can be selected for wear on any given day. All of the body jewelry is made of durable metals such as surgical stainless steel, titanium or 14K gold. People will typically get their ears pierced before any other area of the body and this is because the ears are widely accepted by society. Piercing other areas of the body has been looked on by some people as faddish and there are some people who view piercing as a body mutilation and not as a fashion statement. Body jewelry allows people to decorate their bodies in the way that they feel is stylish fashionably correct. Body jewelry is made interesting and exciting by incorporating designs such as butterflies, ladybugs and gemstones as decorative accents. The most common body jewelry designs incorporate the use of barbells, rings and studs on which these ornaments are affixed permanently or allowed to dangle freely on the body. The use of body jewelry styles is left up to the wearer and the metals used give the wear more opportunities for self-expression. Most body jewelry can be easily removed by turning and unscrewing the post. Each post contains internal threads that keep the body jewelry in place in a secure fashion. At the end of each piece of body jewelry is a metal ball that can be cleaned easily with antiseptic solutions. Since body jewelry is affordably priced, there are numerous charms that can be attached to every post style to give the wearer more value for the money. Some people choose to pierce other areas of the body such as lips, eyebrows and nipples. There are many body jewelry choices for these areas and the most common choices are shields, labrets and arrows which resemble feathers when inserted in the eyebrow. With correct care and cleaning, body jewelry can be worn continuously from the date that the body is pierced. To prevent a delay in the healing process, care should be taken to ensure body jewelry does not become tangled in clothing.