Leading The Self-Directed Life – Passion

I have long felt that if we could enter work the way we enter our first relationship, we could blow the US economy sky-high! The passion of that first relationship, the feeling of it being all consuming and all absorbing, if channeled into work throughout our world, would cause such an economic surge that there would be no stopping our country today. Sadly, major businesses in the US and across the world, have missed the mark. They completely disregard an employee’s enthusiasm, their optimism, their excitement of being part of a company – their passion – and box it in. They put all this wonderful energy an employee feels and restrain it to the size of a cubical or even one department on one floor of a building. No wonder, we the disenfranchised are falling away by droves. No wonder we are seeing the highest surge in home based business growth and opportunities since the early 1900’s in the US! People are telling corporate America, enough! Passion inspires us. It allows us to do more with less and to even do it better. It focuses the mind and engages the heart towards satisfaction of a longing to merge with the object of one’s passion and become one with it. Even after the first hot rush of passion in a relationship subsides, the flame does not go out! It burns like a pilot light and is ready at a moment’s notice to flare and turn the heat up high. Passion is creative. Look at all the great artists, writers, and performers in the world. They struggle, encounter obstacles and frustrations, all the things that we ‘regular Joe’s’ encounter. The only difference is that they must, they absolutely must finish creating regardless of the cost. In fact, to not finish would be a greater cost, one that would tear at their very soul. You must approach this business opportunity with the same passion. In fact, we at Pathways want everything your current employer may not want or require of you. We want your creativity, your forcefulness, your excitement, your desire to live an extraordinary life. To live passionately, to work passionately, to play passionately means that you are truly alive and living the way, I feel, we were always meant to live! I sincerely believe that the only way to approach this business opportunity is with a passion that, will not consume you, but will drive you to work harder then you ever thought possible and love every minute of it.