You Can Build Your MLM Business Anytime!

Too often I hear comments about how “I can’t build a business right now…it’s the slow season”. I look at it this way: “If people are looking for an excuse for why they can’t make money, there’s always one available. They’ll say: – You can’t make money in November/December because people aren’t interested in looking at a home business during the holidays. – In January everyone is broke from the holidays. – In March and April no one has any money because of tax season. – In the summer, people are all on vacation. – In the fall, people are distracted with back-to-school. – In the winter, it’s the holidays. Blah blah blah. My take? Horse pucky….business is only slow if you are. IF you work consistently….spring, summer, winter and fall….you will learn it’s NOT the month, it’s NOT the season, it’s what you DO that counts! “You will hear many people say that business slows down in the summer …so why is that? Did it slow down and people noticed it, or did people start saying it so it became their reality? In my mind this comes back to: “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”- Napoleon Hill I have had some of my best months in the summer, all it takes is consistent action on your part…remember: “A straight path never leads anywhere except to the objective.” – Andre Gide. Remember to stop once in a while and re-explore your goals. Are the actions you are taking right now bringing you closer to them? There is NO SUCH THING as standing still. You can only go forward or backwards in life, so keep moving forward. If you are in network marketing/MLM, direct sales, affiliate marketing, or any other business for that matter; you will find that your business will slow down when you do, and it’s not long before your income follows. Even though it is summer continue to put forth a concerted effort, and you will LOVE the momentum this builds for the fall. Also think about this ever shrinking planet we live in…with the internet you can build in whatever season you want…it’s always winter somewhere!”