Legitimate Paid Online Surveys-can You Really Make Money With Online Surveys?

Many people today are searching for the elusive legitimate paid online surveys to help them make a fortune for sitting in front of their computer and typing. Do such opportunities really exist? Truthfully, just about nobody ever makes any cash from this line of work.

Make Money With Online Surveys

The so-called legitimate paid online surveys companies are very good at luring people in by making them think they will earn a fortune with their opportunity; the reality is that almost everybody fails to make any serious money with this income opportunity. So why do so many fail to make a legitimate income with paid online surveys?

Here is the truth behind the business-and why you should avoid it like the plague. Here’s an important point you need to know: you are not just given names to fill into an opt-in form, as most of these paid online surveys companies lead you to believe. You have to advertise and get the names yourself-no easy task. Most people believe that they will simply have a long list of names that they can go through and fill out whenever they want. Obviously, this makes it sound as if you can virtually earn as much money as you want. Remember, the thing these paid online companies don’t inform you of is that you need to run your own promotions to acquire names to fill out.

On the rare occasions somebody does respond to your ad, you then go back and fill out their name in the opt-in form. Remember, however, since you are only receiving $1 or so per click (the amount varies slightly from company to company) you need to fill in a lot of names to make paying for advertisement worth it. Unfortunately, you almost certainly won’t receive enough names to make a profit. This makes posting to free classified ads a necessity.

Of course, when you post in these free classified ads, you have to post in literally hundreds of online sites just to get a few names to fill out. The most you can hope for is to earn $5-10 dollars daily for hours upon hours of work. Here’s the thing you need to remember: you can make a ton of money with internet marketing, but certainly not with paid surveys. There may be legitimate paid online surveys companies out there, but none that I’m aware of. Avoid this line of business at all costs.