Twelve Quick Website Traffic Tips

With the tools available these days, it is easy to create a website. One of the biggest challenges for network marketers is how to generate quality website traffic traffic that will convert into sign ups and sales.

This is the first of three articles on website traffic tips. This article discusses twelve quick website traffic tips for network marketers. Whather you are trying to generate traffic for a replicated website or one you designed yourself, Start your website traffic building by setting your goal.

Setting realistic goals that you can achieve will help you plan and evaluate the effectiveness of your website traffic strategy. Here are five quick website traffic tips: 1. Uodate yiur website daily. This requires patience & persistence. The more frequently you update your site, the more spiders visit your website. 2. Exchange links with other websites to increase your website traffic. Try to exchange 20 – 30 links with similar websites, or websites having good PageRank. This will help in building links and will be help you get more website traffic. If your links are located in desireable positions it will drive traffic to both parties. The key in exchanging links is to find: * Similar or Related websites * Website having good pagerank * Websites who offer to put your link in prime spots. 3. Lesser the links in your signature, more likely the person will click it. 4. Many forums have advertising boards where you can advertise your business for FREE. Write a catchy advertisement & post it there. Keep posting it 2-3 times a week, assuming you are not violating the forum rules You will get website traffic by consistently posting valuable content in forums. 5. To increase your website traffic, try to increase your post count, This will all help in building trust with other forum members. 6. Make friends in Forums , you can use your friendship to do link exchange and advertising and mutually help. 7. Add your websites to the following sources and reap benefits and get more website traffic Provide buttons or icons on your website so that users can quickly bookmark your site on these. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8. Add the buttons to social bookmarking sites on your webpages. like, etc. 9. If you site has registration, Send account reminder emails to those who have not signed in after they registered. 10. Print out business cards with URL of your website. Even better make Stickers of your website URL stick it on your car , house or office. Believe it or not, this can also increase your website traffic. 11. Add a Link to your website in your email Signature. Every time someone clicks on the link, you can increase your website traffic. 12.Invest in a good domain name. You will be surprised how little you can get a good domain for.

Just search on websites like , etc. The more quality links that point to your site, the better. Use these techniques to get more website traffic.