Kicking Off A Premium Campaign

Before Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears at Super Bowl XLI in Miami, Florida, in February, teams all over the country used other means — outside of big wins and great plays — to excite their loyal fans, clients and sponsors. During the 2006-2007 season, the National Football League altered its use of promotional items for marketing campaigns. Instead of using promotional items, also known as premiums, to drive higher ticket sales, it used them to encourage higher attendance at home and away games and to serve as rewards to loyal fans, clients and sponsors. Last season, NFL supporters made a killing in premiums while attending most major league football games. According to an article in the September 2006 issue of Counselor Magazine, the Philadelphia Eagles designed an entire giveaway marketing campaign with premiums appealing to all ages throughout the entire football season — including premiums during the Eagle’s training camp. The marketing campaign had promotional items that included premiums like hats and flags and even pencils and magnetic schedules clearly displaying the name and logo of the team and the sponsors. Rewarding fans with various premiums through marketing campaigns generated an extremely positive perception of the NFL and its teams throughout the country. They showered the recipients with thanks while placing a constant reminder of the team, organization and sponsor directly into their hands with premiums. Any team, organization or company, whether it’s little league, inter-office or even a grand opening for a new building, can take this major league marketing campaign and its premiums and make it work. Premiums like lanyards, magnets and inflatable products can display the logo and event of any brand or company and work as a reward as well. These premiums have the potential to generate teamwork and support throughout any organization or office, just like they do at a major league sporting event. For these reward premiums to work successfully in a marketing campaign, the product needs to be relevant and appropriate to the audience. The audience should want to keep the item. If not used daily, the audience should have the premium accessible and visible on a regular basis. This does not mean, however, that every marketing campaign has to include upscale gifts. Promotional items like golf towels, flags and calendars displaying the schedules of local and favored sports teams make fun and different ways to reward a client base. It gives the premium a sense of excitement while keeping fans in touch with local events. For a more sophisticated feel, look into desk clocks, mouse pads and recordable CDs displaying brands and logos to grab the attention and recognition of clients. Including reward premiums in a marketing campaign can enhance the relationship between you and your clients while strengthening exposure and perception of your brand.