Learning To Balance Working At Home With 5 Easy Steps

Once you have learned “The Power of the Hour”, it is time to apply it beyond your To Do List and your Goal Sheet. Working from home can be the most fun, most rewarding, and most productive time of your life. IF however, you are use to depending on a boss to direct your time, you are going to be nervous and get even frustrated, until you learn the delicate art of balancing work at home. First – you must either make or stake your claim to a business workstation in your home. Even if it is only the dining room table from say, 7 pm to 9 pm, every night, you must use it consistently as your workspace. Second – you must talk with your family members and let them realize that unless there is blood or the house is on fire, you must not be disturbed. Go beyond a simple, declarative statement, and tell them what this business means to you and to them personally. You must get them invested in understanding that they too have a part in your business success – that their contribution, if only by their patience as you work, is both viable and valuable. Third – Integrate your family calendar in with your business calendar. For instance, you may not be able to be there for every game, but you definitely want to be there for the home games. You and your spouse deserve a date with each other once a month to have just you time. Put in your exercise schedule and doctor’s appointments. Communicate first with your family to reduce surprises, stress, as well as to guard your special work time. Fourth – You must invest in equipment. You must have a computer running at least Windows XP with a fast broadband or DSL connection. You must also have a cell phone or a directed landline phone that you can use as your business line. While you are exploring options, check computer stores for refurbished equipment, purchase a temporary pay-as-you-go phone, stop paying for cable and re-direct the money (if you have to) to renting a computer if necessary. Fifth – You must look forward to your business every day with a sense of anticipation. You must honor the learning curve, ask for help, and know that it’s not necessary to re-invent the wheel. Now is the time to stop being scared, and trust in us, Business Pathways Associates, as you start your home based business. You are being given a business opportunity; embrace it with open arms and attitude!