Personal Development And Team Leadership

If you happen to be a home business owner who employs even a few people, then you are definitely the leader of the pack! You, too, are part of the variety on a team. How well you work together with your employees will tell how successful you are. Are you a leader who teams with success? True teamwork not only takes time, but it takes the willingness to contribute to the team’s greater good and simply not look out for number one. It has to begin with a sincere desire to work on the group’s behalf. Be sure to examine your motives. When you have a successful team, you will find that all of the teammates reap the rewards. Ineffective teams are often composed of some selfish team members who only watch out for their own personal goals and not the goals of the team as a whole. As the leader of the team, you should strive to instill the following qualities into your members so that your team will be effective: 1. To have a shared vision of the team’s mission and its goals, 2. There should be a willingness to incorporate one’s individual talents for the team’s betterment. 3. There should be open communication lines between you as the team leader and members of the team and among the team members themselves. 4. There should be an appreciation of individual differences within the team. 5. Team members should be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Lines of authority alone are not a guarantee of loyalty, dedication and the shared sense of team play. Also, it is a fact that talent does not always guarantee success. Successful teams come about because there is a blending of talent, the melding of minds and mindsets, and there is also the ability to be able to focus on the bigger picture. Members of the team need to feel the following: 1. To be heard 2. To feel that they are important 3. To be appreciated, valued and recognized 4. To have the opportunity to express their own individuality These attributes can all occur on teams that are well led without having to sacrifice team spirit. It is wrong to think that even the best team leaders strive to treat everyone the same way. Since all of the members of a team are individuals, not everyone needs or wants to be treated just like everyone else. Some team members are self-motivated while other need support and reassurance. When you have developed personally as a team leader, then you can take steps to pass on personal development to your team members. Remember that teamwork develops over time. Your team can strengthen itself daily through experience and relationships that develop with other team members over time. When you, as a team leader, give time and attention to these tips, you will find that your group will soon be teaming with success.