The Truth About Work At Home Jobs

After weeks and weeks of searching and reading all the different ads on the internet, you finally discover what you’ve been looking for in a work at home job. It tells you everything you want to hear and they also show proof of their claims. The deadline is approaching “This offer ends by midnight…” You can’t wait to whip-out your credit card to get your material and get started making hundreds or even housands of dollars. But wait! Now is the time to ask yourself. Is there enough information letting me know what is needed of me to get this system off the ground? Will I have everything I need to get started right away? When and how will I get paid? Am I willing to dedicate the time? and Finally, is this really what I want to do? By taking a little more time and asking yourself these simple questions could decide between your failure or success. And could even save you time and a whole lot of money. But before we get started, I would just like to tell you, whether you’ve finished high school or never attended college. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve been doing in the past. Just remind yourself that you can learn anything and you’ll be on your way. All it takes is the determination to want to learn to make money. “Specific Work at Home Jobs in Detail” Paid surveys, assembling products, mystery shopping, data entry and stuffing envelopes. With paid surveys you can earn money either by filling out forms and answering questions about a particular product or by trying out new products for companies and jotting down your experiences on whether the product would work for a particular segment or audience. If you don’t want to leave home for an extra income, this would be a great way to make $500-$3,000 a month from your computer. Just getting paid to tell what you think about a product or service. “Can Assembly Jobs Work for You?” Home assembly has been around since I started my career online. Which has been about 8 years now. I can also remember when I was in to mailorder 2 years before that, home assembly jobs were being offered as well. It consists of building products for a certain type of company (sewing, wood constructing, electronics, etc..) and sending the products back to the company when finished, for a paycheck. From my experience, the majority of websites only give you a listing of these companies claiming that you’ll earn $400-$500 weekly. Here’s how it works, when you get the listings of these companies, you will personally have to send for the info from the companies on your list. When and if you get the info, they will send you an order form with the price (ranging from $30-$40) of their package which contains patterns, sample of finished product and maybe some material. Afterwards, it’ll be up to you to get whatever else you’ll need to make the products. Costing you even more money. Now, very rare have I heard of someone making good money with these companies. There may be a few out there but you would need to do your homework in finding these companies. And the only way to do that is to buy in to these companies to see if you were to get a paycheck, which could cost you a substantial amount of money, or find someone who has been paid by one or more of these companies. “How a Mystery Shopper Earns a Paycheck” Mystery shopping is very popular. But you don’t really work at home. You work for companies that are trying to make their prices, products and services competitive to other companies. You work your own hours, shop and/or eat for free. Here’s how it works. As a mystery shopper you will complete a special assignment for a particular company by going to a location in your area. You go to the location as a customer but you will be completing a questionnaire or evaluation sheet about the location. After completing the assignment, you will then file the sheet either electronically, faxing or postal mailing it to your company for a paycheck. There are a few reputable websites out there that offer these mystery shopping companies. These jobs are a very good source of parttime income. “Is Data Entry What You Think it is?” Data entry has become very popular in the past year. I noticed it moving forward from the mid-point of google adsense. You are paid to do typing assignments for a particular company. But do be careful of these types of businesses. These companies make claims of earning a home income with their company listings. Majority of these companies will only scam you! Their listings consist of only outdated information. There maybe some websites that could assist you in finding this type of work. If you do a search for these companies you will have to sift through the results to possibly find the ones that have been in good standing if you’re interested in doing this kind of work from home. “Is the Stuffing Envelopes Opportunity a Scam?” Now lets talk about stuffing envelopes. This work at home job is just as the name states, filling envelopes with direct marketing for companies to advertise their products and/or services. You are usually paid anywhere from $.50-$5 per envelope stuffed. I have yet to find a company that proves its claims. I would consider staying away from these types of companies unless you know for sure that the company is legitimate. “3 Strategies to Arm Yourself Against Online Opportunity Scams” 1) Testimonials- Be sure the website offers testimonials of satisfied customers. If they don’t offer testimonials, there are no satisfied customers. 2) Money-Back Guarantee- If the company does not offer a 100% money-back guarantee for at least 30 days or longer. I would not trust giving them my money. The longer the better. There are too many scams to take a risk. You can always use the guarantee to back you up if you need to make a complaint. 3) Not Enough Information- Make sure they answer your questions. If they can’t answer the most important questions, they may have something to hide. I know they can’t tell you everything before you make your purchase but the important questions,for example; how you get paid and when you get paid should be answered. Now you can be a confident expert on work at home. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on working at home. Now you can be a confident expert on work at home. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on working at home.