Law Of Attraction Tools In Running Your Home Business

Have you ever wondered if there was even more you could do with the Law of Attraction and how if relates to your home business? Have you ever wondered if you are doing it right? Do you ever wonder if you can do more to tap into the Law of Attraction to help your home business grow? There is a key thing to remember. In order to attract your ideal prospect to your home business using the Law of Attraction, then you must do something deliberate. Here are three tips that will help you do this: 1. Identify your ideal prospect. Work on building your clarity list. You must begin by building a list of what you have not liked about the prospects you have been attracting to your home business. Convert that list into what kind of qualities you would like to see in potential prospects to your home business. This is an ongoing exercise. You will want to keep this list and constantly update it. If you do this, it sets the energy in motion. 2. You must reset your vibrations before you make calls to your prospects. Referring to your list of the kinds of people you were attracting you your home business, some of those vibrations may continue to be carried over. Just by remembering what you used to attract to your home business will very likely bring more of it whether it has been positive or negative. Therefore, you will have to reset your vibrations around your prospecting, be sure that you read through your clarity list in order to refresh your memory, and then you will have to refresh your memory in order to reset your vibration just before you make your calls to your business prospects. 3. What do you do after the call? Just after you make your prospect calls, you will want to refer to you updated clarity list to ascertain how closely they matched up to your ideal prospect list. For example, if your prospects had four out of a possible fifteen desired characteristic on your clarity list, then you would devote your energy, attention and focus to the items that matched. The more time you devote to celebrating positive matches, the more time you spend including the vibration of just how you wish your ideal home business prospect to be as far as your current vibration is concerned. Usually after meeting with a prospect who did not sign up, the home business owner spends about an hour with the negative vibrations of feeing disappointed, disillusioned, ticked off, and feeling that his or her time has been wasted. Rather than focusing on the negative thoughts, keep your mind focused on the matches in order that your vibrations will be raised. Now you have acquired some new tools that you may use in order to attract your ideal prospects to your home business. Remember to acknowledge and celebrate the closeness of the match, and you will see a positive influence on your home business.