Recruit And Develop Your Own Pay On Results Sales Force

If you have created a great product that you know could be a blockbuster hit, but lack the talent, experience or time to get it into the public eye for maximum sales, it might be time to enlist some support. Fortunately, there is an army of professional internet sales experts ready to help you out and to peddle your product to thousands of potential customers. To make matters even more enticing, these marketing pros won’t require you to make any out-of-pocket expenditure. They will work on commission, giving them an added incentive to sell your product as fast and furiously as possible. We are talking about affiliate sales, of course. The affiliate marketing strategy, in its most simplified form consists of a vendor (in this case you), affiliates (the person selling your product on a commission basis), and the customers (provided by the affiliates). It’s a fairly easy model to understand and one that produces some amazing results. What do you need to recruit affiliates? One of the best strategies is to open a vendor’s account at Clickbank, Payloadz, Paydotcom or some other affiliate program management site. You will usually have to pay a nominal fee, and in return, you will be able to list your product, along with a sales page and a “thank you page.” After approval (and sometimes at least one sale) your product will be available for any of the thousands of Clickbank members to promote. There are a few tricks to making it work. You need to have a great sales page, a solid product and most importantly you need to offer a healthy commission. It might make you wince to offer half or more of every sale to your affiliates, but it is that income opportunity that motivates them to promote your product. In most cases, the net financial gain after consideration of registration and commission payments outstrips what you might have been able to make selling your product without affiliate assistance. Plus you are looking at the long-term. Each new customer your affiliate brings in will be worth a lot of money to your business as your cross-sell, upsell, backend sell and more! Using systems like Clickbank save you having to manage paying your affiliates but you may decide that you would rather manage the whole system yourself. Operating your own affiliate program may be a desirable solution for experienced marketers, but Clickbank and similar sites work well for most marketers. If you have a product to sell and want to see it “hit it big,” consider implementing an affiliate marketing strategy. The commissioned sales team can find you a steady stream of paying customers for your new product.