Toys For Her

Are you going to be an aunt or an uncle for your friend’s baby girl? Or are you going to be a grandma or grandpa? Or are you finally expecting a baby girl of your own? As human beings, in any culture, we send gifts to the people close to us. In this case, close to the heart of the one we are close with. Being given titles like, aunt, uncle, godparents, grandparents, and parents, you should know what to give to your little angels. Toys are essential in a toddler’s growth. They are the best teachers in this certain age. You don’t want to give a set of encyclopedia or a bulky dictionary to a one year old, and give those rattles, light- and sound-emitting devices to the three or four year olds. Even when companies and manufacturers have already placed labels and notices at the bottom of the boxes or printed on the tags the corresponding age the play item is fit for, adults still tend to grab the first thing they see in a toy store display and won’t bother to question if it is the appropriate gift to give. Here are some helpful tips to help you find a suitable gift for a particular age group. Months old > Rattles – babies enjoy these because of the sound it produces. Choose ones with vivid colors like red, blue, and yellow so that the baby would easily notice them. > Walkers – are important in the baby’s growth and exercise. This trains them how to walk even at a young age. Buy the ones with features that produce sounds and emit lights because babies love these and they are educational too. > Mobile – this will help the baby catch forty winks peacefully. If you buy this for sleeping purposes, make sure that the color is pastel and light. Otherwise, you can buy those with striking colors for playing purposes. 1 – 2 years old > Toys with punchy buttons, like a mini cash register, animated laptop with the alphabets are educational for the toddler. This will acquaint her with the numbers (0-9) and the alphabet (A-Z). > Toys which produce sounds like the nursery rhymes and recorded pronunciation guides are also fit for them. > Those with different colored lights are also proper. They introduce the primary and secondary colors to the toddler. 3 – 5 years old > Barbie dolls – are hot for this age group. Girls love dressing them up and displaying them in their racks. > Coffee or Tea Seats – they love it when they put their dolls on the seats and place a plate of bagel and a cup of tea beside it. Kids really are imaginative. > Anything educational would do.