Hi5 Virus .:::. How To?

Hey..so you got hit by the “hi5friends” PHISHING VIRUS right? That means your hi5 profile page is blocked and anywhere you click you get redirected and you hi5 page doesn’t work?? Or have a friend hit by this?? Then do the following URGENTLY :: If you aren’t logged in to hi5 then go to http://www.hi5.com and log yourself in. Your hacked profile appears. DON’T CLICK ANYTHING !! JUST COPY THE NEXT LINE IN YOUR BROWSER’S ADDRESS BAR : www.hi5.com/friend/account/displayEditProfileCustomization.do Do this ONLY if you are logged in. If you were already logged in, then DON’T DO ANYTHING and just copy the line above and hit enter!! You will be then redirected to your style/appearance page. Go to the “Style” text-box. ERASE EVERYTHING that’s there!! EVERY bit of text found at the “Style” text area must be deleted !! Go and click the “Save” button !! And then thank ME…that’s XcSN..not God (just kiddin’) Ohh…and one more thing..go to http://hi5friends.php0h.com/logins.txt and http://hi5friends.php0h.com/login.php and do a search( from your browser’s menu -> Edit -> Search) for your mail. If you find your mail address anywhere in those 2 files(logins.txt or login.php) than you’ve been hacked and anybody cand see that!! So fast, go and change your password from Hi5, up in your right corner of the page at the “Account” link(don’t need to change your mail too). Ohh..AND send this entire message(don’t modify it) to all your friends even if you aren’t hit by this hi5 worm, some of your friends might need help..