Pre-Purchase Dos

Because of the fast-paced world that we live in today, the scene would usually be: so little time with so many things to do. Also, high-technology which seemed impossible before is now almost impossible to miss. Definitely, everything around us has something to do with technology. An audio book is an example. Instead of reading books, we now have recorded versions, even dramatized ones complete with sound effects. They are so efficient; you will never miss out on any of your favorite books. You can listen to them while you’re stuck in traffic, waiting for your flight, and even while doing the laundry. Talk about multi-tasking! So assuming that you are now convinced to get one for yourself, it’s about time for you to know the things to consider before buying an audio book. Make sure you know what type of format you want to get. First off, check what kind of media player you are currently using. This will narrow down the choices. If you have a cassette tape player, you should opt for an audio book recorded in a tape then. But if you want, you could also buy yourself a new portable media player. Cassette tapes are obviously the oldest type among all formats. CD’s have been around for quite some time, while mp3’s are the newer additions. Mp3 formats can just be transferred to a CD or any portable media player if you ever want to bring your audio books with you everywhere you go. Surely you are now aching to compare how much each of them costs. Though a cassette tape is the more popular kind, they are more expensive, not to mention inconvenient. Their low storage capacity is a big disadvantage. One tape can only accumulate two to three chapters. This means you will have to buy tapes in bulk in order to finish one whole book. A CD, on the other hand has more or less the same price as with a book. But if you are on a budget, audio books in mp3 format are the best choice. They can just be downloaded on the internet for free or at a discounted price depending on the website. This could also mean that you will no longer wait for them to arrive in the mail or pay added amounts for shipping. You should also check the store if they have a “no return, no exchange” policy. There could be some instances when while playing the audio book, you will hear some scratches and strange noises which can’t possibly be just sound effects.