Tips For Buyers – Posting Projects Setting Project Prices On Freelance Marketplace

The trend of outsourcing work / projects to freelancers is catching up with buyers / clients like wild fire and why not? Freelance service providers are professionals in their field and line of work. Hiring and subcontracting projects to such freelancers helps in reducing overhead costs as they are hired only when required. Moreover, buyers / clients are able concentrate on their core jobs while outsourcing certain specific tasks to those who know best. In order to gain maximum benefit from freelance marketplace, we suggest that you read the following tips and guidelines – 1. Be Realistic When Setting Prices and Negotiating with freelancers It is human nature to look for the best possible deals for ourselves. However, in our hurry to strike a good bargain we must not forget to value another person’s work and efforts. Try not to underestimate the job that other people do by saying – “I could do this myself! But I am short of time so I am hiring a freelancer”. 2. As a buyer of freelance professional services, remember to value the freelancer’s time, efforts and dedication in completing your project. Be willing to set a reasonable price for the job you are offering. If you deliberately set extremely low prices, you may not find any suitable freelancer to take on your project. Moreover, even if you do negotiate, you may end up getting low quality work that is a complete waste for you. Hence, be willing to compensate the freelancer in accordance with the amount of work you require and the effort needed to complete it. Do not shy away from paying the freelance worker – don’t reject the work after ample time, effort and work have been put into your project by the freelancer. 3. Explain and Outline Your Project Needs Clearly While posting your project, remember to include as many details as possible regarding the work in question. This will help in removing any chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding in the future as well as invite accurate and sensible project bids from freelancers. Be clear and direct in your language so that a freelancer is able to understand well what the project entails before accepting the work. Doing so will not only reduce the chances of time wastage; it will also value the efforts put in by the person / persons you are hiring. 4. Set prices based on the Nature of the Work While describing your project, spend a little time in clearly defining what the project is all about and how much time will be taken realistically, to complete the project (keeping in mind the technicalities if the work, amount of research that may be required and the complexity of the task.) A job may be outsourced on an hourly basis as well as on a project basis. You are the best judge of this and should decide accordingly. 5. Be Sincere If you expect sincerity from the people you hire, you should be willing to give back the same. Freelance projects and outsourced work is based on trust, dependability and clear communication.