Knockoff Handbags

We can’t help but admire designer handbags when we see them being sported around by Hollywood celebrities as well as by other rich and famous people. We go to the different shopping centers or maybe visit the online websites of the various designer brands only to find out that the handbag comes with a rather expensive price tag. While you may find other affordable brands offering one in a somewhat similar style or design, we really want the designer brand probably because of the status symbol that comes along with it. There are those people who buy knockoffs or fake handbags especially if they can’t afford the genuine or original ones. I have to admit that makers of replicas nowadays make them so like the original one that even experts have a difficult time distinguishing the genuine from the fake one. Plus it comes in a very cheap (I mean really, really cheap) price saving on you on hundreds of dollars. But have you ever thought about the consequences of buying a knockoff? While it may be true that you are not committing any crime when buying a knockoff you have to think twice before buying one. The purchase of fake items robs our government of millions of dollars because the people selling them don’t pay their taxes unlike you who do. Syndicates and gangsters profit from selling fake merchandise which they use to finance their illegal activities. The question now is how do we spot a fake for there are some people trying to pass knockoffs as originals. It used to be easy before because the knockoffs were made of materials that were of an inferior quality. But currently, the trend is that knockoffs are almost of the same quality as the original ones. It would help to have an idea of the correct price of the original item. If it normally sells for maybe more than five hundred dollars and it is being offered to you at say just a hundred bucks then the merchandise being sold to you is a knockoff. Also items like leather and apparel with a made in Taiwan tag are not genuine. If you intend to buy online, it is important that you are cautious. I would strongly advise that you go to the brand’s official website for they sell there authentic items. Some items being sold at auctions are not really the real thing.