Understanding The Franchise Broker

Automobile manufacturers have automobile dealerships to sell their cars. When you walk on to a car lot to buy a car, you expect it to be full of cars of a particular make, or maybe two makes, but you have a fairly good idea of what will be available. So you are neither surprised not offended when all the cars offered to you come from one or two manufacturers. A franchise broker markets the franchises of a specific group of companies. Like a car salesperson, a franchise broker gets a commission for every successful franchise sale. If you are seriously looking for your own franchise, you will eventually encounter a franchise broker. Broker Vs. Consultant A franchise broker will be able to offer you a treasure trove of information regarding those franchise companies he or she represents. This information will probably not be available from anywhere else, including a franchising consultant. A good franchise broker will be able to confirm or contradict the accuracy of what your franchising consultant has told you, but only as it applies to the companies whose franchises he or she brokers. As with an automobile dealership and its cars, a franchise broker will represent only a small percentage of the franchise opportunities currently available. You may be qualified to become a franchisee of far more companies than the broker to whom you are speaking represents, but the broker will only receive a commission if you sign up with one of his or her companies. So don’t expect to get anything resembling a full picture of the franchises available in your area and financial range. Another thing to remember is that the majority of franchisors do not work with a franchise broker, further limiting the pool of franchises to which a franchise broker can introduce you. For more info see http://www.startfranchisehelp.com/Franchise_Broker on Franchise Broker. Verify, Verify, Verify It will cost you nothing to consult with a franchise broker, just as it costs you nothing to visit a car dealership. Franchise brokers can be a very valuable source of information, but never forget that they are highly motivated to have you sign on the dotted line. If a franchise broker seems to be pressuring you into committing to a specific franchise opportunity, it could be because he or she genuinely believes you are an ideal candidate for that franchise. But before you rush ahead, take the time to investigate all the other similar franchises in your area, and see if there is one which works better for you. Your money and future are on the line, and you are far more qualified than the best franchise broker in the world to know where they will be best spent!