Manufacturing Yourself

Ever think of the perfect thing to sell online but only to find that you cannot find a decent supply? You check into drop shipping, but the margins are dismal. Plus all the drop shipper’s out there are a shady bunch and you wonder if your order will really get filled. So then you go and try to buy it straight from the manufacture to find out you need to become a distributor or buy in large quantities. Although buying in large quantities may be ok, you not quiet sure the idea is going to do well online. So, then you move to ordering from a light bulk shipper, and it doesn’t work either. So the next move is to try and import the product. But the problem with that is that you have to order in large quantities again it’s a big-money problem. So what do you do? The most obvious idea, is to create your own solution and the best solution is produce it yourself. Think about this for a minute, if you make your own inventory, then you control your own inventory. You only run out, when you don’t make yourself more. You don’t have to worry about price increases, your in complete control. You will find better ways to control costs and lower your price to manufacture your item. This happens naturally and you should not focus on this part in the beginning. Making your own items tends to give you great quality and you will stand out from the rest of your seller group. This is an outstanding way to think outside the box. Once you establish yourself as an expert other manufacturers will find you. Another good advantage of manufacturing yourself is you learn how to add features that buyers want and you can time the market better. This is an outstanding feature, you can respond to market changes in real time. So what are some things that you can manufacture? Wood items, metal items, jewelry, children’s items, personal items, etc. At first you may not think you can do this. You think you need large machinery and big spaces. But you can start in your garage even with one small machine and go from there. The key is starting with your idea and then developing the details. So the big question is how do you do it. First off, I look at my hobbies and look at the things that I am interested in. If you are really into a sport or hobby, chances are you will be passionate about marketing it online. Keeping the passion going is important when you are optimizing and marketing your site. Secondly, look at different machines that are out there that you can lease or buy outright. I know of several individuals that own milling machines and market niche items in their spare time. They carefully document their work with pictures and video to add credibility and attention to detail. Avoid the traditional ads you see about manufacturing franchise business that you can purchase and set up yourself. The best bet is to go 100% original and create your own market. The sky is the limit and there are many opportunities to explore. Look for our next article for more detailed information and ideas.