Make Packing A Pleasure, Not A Chore

Packing aids were made to save your sanity. How many times have you gotten to the hotel and had to shower and dress immediately for a meeting? How frustrating was it when you couldn’t find your socks, and your tie is somewhere else, oh and where are the shoes? It can be a nightmare especially if you are experiencing jet leg or had any motion sickness. There are products that can help you organize your suitcase more efficiently where you will have a place for everything and everything in its place. You can choose a product from Eagle Creek called Pack-It Double Cube Packing Aid. It is relatively inexpensive. It has a mesh top so you can see easily into it and can fit into a 20″ bag. You can easily pack shirts and trousers with socks and a tie, so your outfit will be ready to put on as soon as you get out of the shower. A wonderful travel aid you won’t want to be without is the Eagle Creek Pack-It Packing Folder. This folder can hold as many as 15 items depending upon the model you buy. It prevents wrinkling, comes with a folding board and instructions and helps to keep your luggage organized. It also has a water repellent and stain resistant Silver Lining. This is great to pack sports jackets, trousers and dresses. The Packet Compressor comes in medium and large and it allows you to get rid of any excess air that may be hiding in your bulky clothes and can save as much as 80% of the volume. It’s a wonderful way to get your dirty clothes home without having to contaminate clean clothes or go to any lengths to separate them. It is inexpensive and it just might become your favorite packing accessory. For all those businessmen who are tired of wearing wrinkled ties to the meeting, or are trying to get their ironing back on time to get there, will love the Travelon Tri-Fold Tie Case. It holds three ties with elastic webbing and keeps wrinkling to a minimum. You can hang the case in a closet, or on the back of any door. It also has a zippered front pocket and folds nicely and compactly into your luggage. Ladies who worry what to do with their jewelry will enjoy the Travelon Jewelry Roll. It has three zippered compartments to keep all your jewelry organized. You can roll it to fit in your purse or lay it flat in your briefcase or carry on luggage. No more searching for the earrings to match this necklace, it will all be right at your fingertips. You can find so many travel accessories for every part of your trip when you search online. Planning for a vacation is just as much fun as taking it, so go have some fun and see if you can find some new ways that will make packing a lighter load for you on your next trip.