Room Service!

Every woman in the world today wants to feel and be beautiful and sexy in any way possible to attract somebody or their husbands and boyfriends. Some enroll themselves to gym class, belly dancing, aerobic classes and yoga. Some would even risk their bodies for surgical operations to have faster results. However, there is always an alternative for everything. Resort yourself to proper clothing that does not only accentuate your curves but also trims down a little fat because of the sexiness of the outfit. Is your husband giving up on you? Early symptoms would be: goes home late with lame reasons like overtime or emergency meetings at midnight, his mobile phone and beeper is shut off and explains that he forgot to charge the batteries, leaves the house so early in the morning without even a kiss on your cheek, and the most crucial is when he tells you that he is in a conference or a joint seminar outside of town but then you will know that he is just in the neighborhood with another girl. So, you still think your husband is head over heels over for you? Move now! I know you know that men have a distinct nature and a different sense of pleasure and satisfaction especially from a long day at work and traffic jams. So start it off with simple things like greeting him with a smile and a kiss early in the morning, serving him with his favorite meal and add extra passion in making his coffee for a perfect breakfast, hand him his fragrant and pressed suit and his dust-free suitcase, and give him another kiss upon leaving the house. When he is already at work, drop him a maximum of one call a day to remind him to eat his lunch and that he shouldn’t tire himself too much. Do not go beyond the max because they do not want to be babied, especially when they are in their suits and in their offices. When he gets home from a busy day, surprise him with a sumptuous meal. But, it is always better to add up some spice. This refers to the world inside the bedroom. You should always know how to satisfy your man. Inside the bedroom, it is just you, him, and the clothes you wear. Men are men; their heads turn when they see you with intimate clothing on. There is a wide array of choices for this apparel that you can choose from. When you choose, make sure it fits you angle to angle and thread to thread. About the color, select the one that you know would attract him the most. Usually, red is the sexiest and naughtiest color for lingerie. Black is also a great color for making the night more mysterious. White also is a nice color because it adds glamour. Dressing up with intimates should be in accordance to your age range. When you are in your twenties and early thirties, baby dolls and gown-types of intimates are a great choice. Its length is conservative from a far view but once the see through coat is removed, the sexiness of the whole thing emerges out. If you are in your mid-thirties and forties and you still have the model figure, you can dress with the simple-cut corsets and camisoles. In dressing up with intimate apparel, put in mind what style your husband would definitely love, and the color that he is attracted to. So, when you think your husband is sailing away from your paradise, intimate clothing is your new best friend and relationship savior.