Turning Turnkey: An Innovative Packaging Technique To Help Boost Your Sales

Chances are, you’ve been selling your digital products as they are. If it’s an eBook, you must have been selling the same for what it is, nothing more, nothing less. If it’s web space, you must have been offering it for what it’s worth. If it’s a software program, you have just been promoting its benefits and features with the hopes of bagging some sales. Granted that you may have been including some bonuses here and there to increase the value of your products, you’re still making your main product as the centerpiece of the deal. Hence, the success or failure of such a package would ultimately depend on whether or not your main product would be able to deliver. Throughout the years, however, internet marketers have tried other packaging techniques. They have experimented with quite a number of these techniques. Often they failed. But sometimes, their efforts rewarded them with substantially increased profits. One of these packaging strategies is what we have come to know as turnkey. Why “turnkey?” It’s because these packages are designed to complement one another and provide a total solution for a particular need without anything else that is required. Solving the problem would be as easy as turning a key, hence the term “turnkey.” The best way to describe this kind of packaging technique is through an example. Content sites are the rave these days. A lot of online businessmen make a fortune by operating several content sites enrolled with the Google AdSense program. But there’s a problem. Coming up with one content site requires a lot of work, and a lot of time. What more when an online businessman would want several such websites under his banner? Some ingenious online marketers have provided for a turnkey solution. They have packaged a variety of products and services for a one stop answer to the aforementioned need. These turnkey packages may include the following: • A fully designed website; • Unique, high quality articles that can be used as content • Preloaded AdSense block formats • Preloaded Amazon affiliate links • A selection of headers to choose from • Some relevant graphics to support textual content • A one year subscription to a web hosting service Everything that a PPC marketer would need can be found in the package. Often, the said package is arranged in such a way that upon purchase, all that are needed to be done are to register an appropriate domain name and to include the buyer’s AdSense ID on the AdSense blocks. Turnkey packages are not limited to readymade content sites, of course. There are other needs that require total solutions. And total solutions can be prepared in so many ways, and that it is limited only by your imagination. Selling an eBook with private label rights (PLR)? Include a sales page, a thank you page, some order buttons, a selection of headers and even a subscription to a web hosting service. This would make your offer even more attractive. Selling PLR articles? Offer a discount for rewriting services as well, to make the articles unique per purchaser. This would make your offer even more valuable. Since you will be providing a total solution via a collection of related products and services, your offer would become irresistible. Hence, you could stir up a great demand for your packages, corner a particular segment of the market, and ask for a higher price. On a marketing perspective, these are all fantastic benefits that are reaped by simply exercising a little more imagination. Such is the power of turnkey packaging, and you could fully use it to your advantage. NOTE: You have full permission to reprint this article within your website or newsletter as long as you leave the article fully intact and include the “About The Author” resource box. Thanks! :-