Turn Your Small Business Into A Limited Liability Company

More entrepreneurs today are taking steps to protect personal assets and take advantage of a flexible tax structure by forming a Limited Liability Company or LLC. A Limited Liability Company is a legal form of Business Company granted in the United States offering limited liability to its owners. It is similar to a corporation, but a more flexible form of ownership, more suitable for smaller businesses with a limited number of employees or owners. For new business owners a Limited Liability Company can be an attractive solution to forming a company especially considering the many benefits to having an LLC. For starters, having a LLC involves maintaining much less paperwork and recordkeeping as a corporation would have. Many of the primary benefits consist of the various ways you can set up taxation. For many business taxes alone can be a complicated subject matter. As an individual owner you can decide how you wish your taxes to be applied. For instance, a LLC can elect to be taxed as a sole proprietor, partnership, S-corp or corporation, providing much flexibility. Also using the default tax classification, profits are taxed personally at the member level, not at the LLC level. Consultation by a professional legal service can be vital to identifying the best option for your business. LLC’s also provide some of the same protections that corporations have for protecting the owners and members from liabilities and debts of the LLC. If your business should ever face insolvency your personal assets would be protected. Yet there are still some vital rules to keep in mind when running a Limited Liability Company. Proper management of your company financials is important. It is crucial to keep the business and affairs of the LLC separate from members or manager’s personal affairs. This means establishing a separate bank account, and maintaining separate records from the LLC. It only takes one person to form a Limited Liability Company. You can prepare the legal paperwork and file it yourself, or use a professional legal service. The prices to forming a LLC can vary depending on the state which will charge some type of annual fee to maintain an LLC. A Limited Liability Company also has an unlimited lifespan and ownership can be transferred to any person you wish. If you haven’t already discovered what a LLC can do for you and your business there a number of available resources online you can explore. A lot of time and effort goes into developing a business and having the proper business structure can be critical for success.