The Three P’s Of Internet Prosperity

Whether your home business is an Internet home business where your sole venture is making money online, or you work at home servicing local customers, you still need Internet marketing. No matter what your own home business ideas or the home business opportunities of others you use to make money online, you’re going to have to promote that home business primarily through the Internet. About the only time your work at home wouldn’t involve Internet marketing is if you had an at home job working for someone else and your job tasks didn’t involve marketing. For most of you who work at home, however, Internet marketing is a must. If you will remember the three P’s of Internet marketing you will succeed. These are Patience, Perseverance, and Punctuality. Let’s take a look at why each of these is important to your Internet home business. Patience is crucial if you are to succeed at your home business. While there are plenty of folks on the Web offering home business opportunities that will make you vast amounts of money in incredibly short time periods with very little outlay of money and just a few hours of work each week, don’t believe what they say. It’s just not true. Growing a home business – growing any business – takes a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a fair amount of upfront costs. It’s vital that you don’t buy into what can only be a frustrating experience, and a loss of time and money, by launching one of the business opportunities that promise big bucks tomorrow. You must assume, no matter what your home business, that you will not make enough money online to “give up your day job” and really live off your work at home income for 2-3 years. If you can’t keep you and your family in sound financial shape through other means, then you must find funding that will do so, or just wait until you can before starting your home business. Perseverance is crucial to a successful Internet business. Products, tools and even some of consumer’s demands and expectations for the Internet change almost daily. You must stay on top of those changes. It’s not enough to set up your Web site, put your URL on major search engines, create your blog and place your ads and then just wait for the money to roll in. Your Web site must offer continually changing content; you must update your promotional materials often and continually search out new advertisers and sponsors in order to encourage new and repeat traffic. If your search engine optimization includes paid search engines (and it should) you’ll have to keep a continual eye on where your home business site falls in search results and re-bid as needed. Your blog should have some change daily, even if it’s only minimal. The more often you add new material the greater your repeat traffic. This brings us to Punctuality. Whether you are trying to make money online or at a brick and mortar location, or through the old fashioned snail mail print catalog method there is one maxim that has rung true for decades – and will probably still be true one or two centuries from now. It is far easier to keep and grow profits from a current customer than it is to find a new one. While you certainly want new customers you also want to pay attention to your local customers too. These folks are the ones to bring in many of your new customers, after all. Punctuality is the key to repeat traffic. If you are going to update your Web content, do so on a regular basis. Do it at the same time each day, the same day each week. Let your loyal viewers know that your Internet business site will have a brand new product launch, or a new business executive profile, or a new column out by 6am each Tuesday – and then don’t let it be 6:05 by the time it’s visible. This makes for loyal and repeat customers. Better yet, introduce your weekly sale or your weekly promotions at the same time of the same day each week and watch your traffic –and your revenue – skyrocket. The basic tools for marketing your Internet home business are article writing, search engine optimization, e-newsletter or e-zines, direct mail and affiliations. None of these, however, will work if you don’t practice the three P’s of Patience, Perseverance and Punctuality.