Where To Outsource – The Freelance Marketplace

Freelancing is now a career oriented path to earning lucrative money. A number of reviews regarding the freelance market indicates that nearly a quarter of the combined authoring, web designing, software development, copy writing etc is attributed to freelancers presence around the world. Thus outsourcing becomes a fairly competitive exercise where hundreds of freelancers bid for a particular job. We can notice that even people with knowledge of one subject or the other indulge in freelancing and it is not only the elderly or retired persons who hold the major stake in the freelance marketplace of our globe. The process therefore becomes more difficult and time consuming as to where this outsourcing should take place. On a humorous note it would not be wrong in stating that nearly everyone is a freelancer in his or her own right! Consequently, one must be careful in choosing the right place and the right freelancer to outsource the projects. Is it difficult to shortlist Freelance sources? The answer to this important question is – “no it is not difficult at all”! In fact it is a very interesting study to find out the best source for freelancers to do your job and the more outsourcing you delegate, the higher you climb up the ladder on the “outsourcing” front – and more successful you are for extracting the best out of what this world offers! An awesome fact is that when you search for “freelancers” on Google or Yahoo, over 6 million sources will loom before your very eyes, making you more confused if not entirely perplexed! There are concentrated freelancers from many countries and you may be able to get a good idea of how the outsourcing “source” is distributed around the world. So here we are – in a world of freelancers who are all willing to do your job to your satisfaction. How do you go from here? Who is the best Freelancer for Outsourcing? The outsourcing dilemma can easily be solved if one knows their project to the core. If I am a freelancer in web designing, I must be able to consider all the pros and cons of a web design project and the final goal I have set for myself. A good freelancer or an efficient Freelance organization will put itself in the customer’s shoes and then only attempt the given project. It is also necessary to stipulate the degree of “outsourcing” which means the type of work required from the freelancers at the project cost arrived at. In other words, the value attached to the bid! If these two major factors are considered, outsourcing could become an easier job. It is never a question of this country or this freelancer from that nation is better or otherwise. Each project – let it be web designing, software development, or article writing – must be considered unique and important to the person or group who are the employers. The freelancers must think of themselves as part-time – but important – employees of the buyer and deliver the goods in that context. India, China, Philippines, Middle East, Europe or America! This is like saying “where do I go – north, south, east or west!” – Something that sounds like as if we were contemplating a vacation! If we were looking for English copy writing it is relevant to choose those people who know the language – either as a first language or at least the second tongue! In the case of web designing or software development, or even technical and marketing assistance one can choose any suitable source and language does not really hinder the progress of the project. Well, in some cases it may! Always take into account the strengths of any freelancing organization and anticipated weaknesses prior to choosing one or the other. We know it is not easy but with a bit of logical thinking and some common sense we can manage to hire a perfect outsourcing outfit that will ensure our satisfactory implementation of a project.