One Home Business Tip That Is Deliberately Overlooked

When we decide to operate a business from home if we are living alone we are guaranteed peace and quiet all of the time. All the things that can distract us are easily controllable e.g. the telephone with those pesky telemarketers, our well meaning friends and family even ourselves, yes, I mean us, we could become our own worst enemy. In my case, I am a new internet marketer, and I mean new, so the challenges are great. I have to learn to regulate my eating habits and to keep the phone on mute. I am also learning that I have to be deliberate with making time for physical exercise and the greatest and most important, I am learning that I have to be deliberate in making time for my God. Yes my God. Prior to becoming an Internet marketer, my times for my conversations with God were set in stone, they were precise and routine. I became a marketer and I realize that it was easy for me to become so excited an rapped up in the crazy shenanigans of the World Wide Web that a few important habits could be put on the back burner and thoughts like: Oh, I could talk to God as I work on this website, or as I write to a few link partners requesting links, or answering the request for links to cultivate my linking strategies, God would understand. I am realizing that, if I want to succeed, really succeed in this field, then God must be a priority not an after thought, not a thought to cultivate as I work, it must be the ultimate partnership. My conversations with God must be a doing and a being that must be engaged in with deliberation and perfect scheduling. I am not saying that I do forget God as I go through my daily routing because that is not possible. In fact I would say that it is impossible, as those of us who have a relationship with God would be able to attest to the fact that conversations with God are an ongoing process regardless of time and place. What I am saying is that a partnership with God should be deliberately cultivate and not haphazardly stumbled into. Things change rapidly in the world of internet marketing. Everyday there is something new, a new e-book on a certain topic that attest to be better than any one of its predecessors. A new SEO tool that claims it will get you indexed into Google, Yahoo, Msn or any one of the many search engines that are on the World Wide Web today, it will get you indexed in less than a day. I am not saying that some of these things are not true but do we, any new marketer know which one is? Good relationships are of maximum importance for our healthy existence on the internet today. If we do not want to be hurt financially, emotionally, mentally or physically our greatest relationship must be with God. This relationship is of paramount importance because when we are in tune with God and I mean really in tune with God, I do not mean rendering lip service, I mean being able to sit down in quiet and being in the very presence of the living God. When we are there nothing else exists, there is no malice, no prejudices or hurt, there is a peace that passes all understanding. This is a place that a choice must be made to come out of. That’s what I am talking about, a profound relationship. When we have this relationship, we will find that there is inner guidance for out actions. For example, we will know just from reading an email, or a promotion, whether we should trust the person behind that email or promotion, this no longer becomes a struggle, pressing delete becomes an art form, we do it with out thinking, “I wonder if I should have checked out that offer”, that is no longer a problem it is an act that is in direct relationship to our relationship with God. We must also cultivate a relationship through email with a few marketers and we will have inner guidance on that These relationships will become an authority in the health and life of your Internet Marketing Online Business.