How Good Is Your Blog? Here’s A Free Way To Test It

Ever wondered what people think when they visit your blog? If you’re like most bloggers, you get a few comments but not enough to know whether most people like your blog or not. Maybe they read it, love it, and you never know about it. Or maybe they see something they don’t like and are off browsing before you have time to shout “hey, there’s good stuff here!” To make matters a little worse, what turns people away is often a small thing. It might be a bad color scheme or the lack of a clear title so people know what they’re reading about. It might be too much text and not enough pictures. Whatever it is, you can lose readers fast. How do you solve this problem? Simple – just test your blog. And there’s an easy way and a free way to do it. Just visit the BlogExplosion site (http://www.blogexplosion), sign up for a free account, and add your blog. Then visit a feature of the site called “Battle of the Blogs.” It’s a free game where your blog competes against someone else’s. Just choose a challenger and click on “Accept Challenge.” Now, the fun part starts. Members will visit your blog and the blog of the challenger. Then they’ll vote on their favorite blog. The battle normally only takes 15 minutes or so to be completed. As soon as it’s over, you have a clear idea of how many people like your blog. If 15 out of 15 vote for yours, don’t change a thing. If 10 out of 15 vote for yours, make some improvements. If 0 out of 15 vote for yours, make some big changes. Then go back and enter a few battles after you’ve made changes. That’s a good way to constantly improve. And there’s nothing better than improving your blog and being able to see the results in less than 15 minutes. That’s got to be better than waiting days to see a difference in your visitor statistics. And while you’re waiting the 15 minutes to see the results, review the other blogs battling and vote for your favorite. As you do, think about what makes you like a blog instantly or dislike a blog instantly. What catches your attention? What is it that makes one blog likeable and another one boring? Take note and you’ll figure out even more ways to improve your own blog.