Learning And Hobbies! Can They Be Sources Of Entertainment, Yet Worthy Of Remembrance?

Learning is a process through which we strive to imbue into our minds something worth remembering. The process of learning must not be done only in an institution. We learn everyday and anywhere. Not every type of learning can be committed to memory. What we can commit to memory are those things that will one day have a positive impact on our lives, our finances, our wealth and those of others. There are two type of learning processes that we can commit to memory. The learning that can amount to entertainment is domestic training, but we hardly ever know this. There are times when we get ourselves and or our children involved in craft making or gardening as a hobby. We should bear in mind that this is or ought to be more than a leisure or pastime. We must put in more of our efforts in order to make this activity impressive. Invest your leisure time in gardening or horticulture. However, plant only those crops that can be of money-making importance to you or that can add up to the splendor of your surroundings. It may also be worthy to plant vegetables and other items that can serve as a supply to your kitchen. You are not only making the most out of your leisure time, but you are saving by avoiding the grocery store at every instance. You can as well plant flowers, trees or mend the already existing ones. Keep the lawns and flower beds clean. This is an activity that impacts on the memory of others. It tells of how you are and will always be. The love of flowers and nature can also tell of your personality. The flowers and trees you plant will always be there when you are gone. They will remind its onlookers of you. Hobbies are activities that we carry out as pastime and not for our normal business. We also learn from our hobbies and we can equally make these pastimes worthy of note. Your hobby may be listening to a particular broadcast over the radio or watching a favorite programme. It is simple. Why not walk to the radio or TV station and give your own point of view. Give suggestions and propose how your think the programme or show might run. From this, you start up a forum for, let’s say, a debate. This will constitute a type of entertainment that will not only amuse the public, but tend to educate them. With such an idea conceived, people tend never to forget such programmes. You can equally set up something similar in your church such as sensitizing maybe the youths about a particular issue. Get down to work and at least for once, make an entertainment programme that will be worth remembering.