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    March 13

    Together with all the January update, the profession will appear in the game - the beloved fishing of BNS Revolution gold everyone, it is her programmers who will add and the first then take on others. The fishing system itself will occur in a standard way, each region will have its own sets of fish, and the system will upload the weight of the biggest person of a specific species.The main peaceful professions continue to be in the discussion phase, for example, such an option as"Research", which probably involves the study of the game world.

    Might have noticed the newly added raid is by its complexity easier than the others. When I understood correctly, this happened due to the new strategy of the company, which focuses on content, supplying both fun and challenge to all players, although in such a question there's always an extremely intricate balance, so that in the end certain action does not turn out too simple or unbearably difficult. And needless to say, everything needs to bring joy, when a set of players can not pass the raid, say, 40 hours in a row, and not torment and stress.

    The upcoming new course will attack in a distance, as many have suggested, and its main feature is going to be based around enemy control. However, despite this, users who can master it and learn to play with it is going to have the opportunity to issue a huge DPS to their opponents.One can just guess at who they will be, but I definitely enjoy the concept of"controller + higher DPS" very substantially. Like, in principle, the recently introduced course, which can be wrongly regarded as a replacement for tanks (BMU and rave), although it was simply introduced as a milder version with its own shortcomings.

    In conclusion, this article just wants to say that in addition to new content, programmers have accumulated PvE and Buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold PvP figures, making certain conclusions and locating some critical defects that they are likely to fix in the future.From myself I will say that I was very pleased with the brand new information regarding the transition to the fourth generation Unreal Engine, as well as the imminent emergence of a new profession for your machine.