Blanche fuji Альбом: Fujihd Escalator Company Reminds You Not

How does the fujihd Escalator Company use the elevator correctly? At night, the single woman walks as close as possible to the control panel, so that if necessary, immediately press the door open button to escape or press the alarm bell to alert. If a stranger enters the elevator to share, pay attention to his manners. Don't be curious and press the fire button. Accidental movements not only affect the normal operation of the elevator, but may also cause the fire protection system of the entire building to start, causing unnecessary losses. For the sake of others, civilization rides the ladder. Just call the call button in the direction you want to go to the call, and do not press the up and down call buttons at the same time. Take the elevator and do not press the floor button that you are not going to, so that the useless stop of the elevator will prolong the waiting time of others and reduce the efficiency of the elevator. Love to use, civilization to ride the ladder. Elevators are more sensitive electromechanical products. Due to the negligence and brutal use of individuals, it is likely to cause damage to the elevator and affect the use of others. Leave a green space and climb the ladder. The car is a small public place, no smoking, noisy and loud noises. The short journey should be comfortable and quiet. Obey public order and climb the ladder. In and out of the elevator in the order of the first and last, do not crowd. After entering the car, you should stand on the inside and on both sides to let the door position. Pay attention to hygiene and civilization. The space inside the car is not well ventilated, and very little garbage can seriously pollute the environment. Don't throw peels, spits and graffiti in the car, keep the elevator clean, so that we can take the elevator happily every day. Respect the old and love the young, the civilization rides the ladder. The space inside the car is small and there are many people. It should give more space to the old and young patients. Timely notification of faults, civilized rides. When taking the elevator, the elevator is found to have abnormal scraping, vibration and odor. It is necessary to notify the elevator management or maintenance personnel in time to ensure the safety of the elevator. Help others, civilization and ride the ladder. Help the person who drives the elevator to press the door open button; the person who helps the hand-held item presses the floor button; helps the disabled to operate the elevator. information about Escalator Company :